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It’s Not That Serious

Spring Sentinel, Paris France 2016 Don’t take yourself too seriously, seems to be the statement this stately pigeon sentinel is making from his or her perch on a stately but aging sculpture in Tuileries Garden in Paris, France. I made the photograph in March, 2016, just as spring blooms were starting to burst. A walk […]
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The LensScriptures series

I’ve often paired my photos with favorite scripture. This is a sampling. Jacksonville Beach, Florida 2011 Las Vegas, 2012 Las Vegas, 2012 Las Vegas, 2012 Las Vegas, 2012
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I, Photographer

Photography is both a very simple and complex act. It only takes an instant to trip the shutter, but a lifetime of experiences, feelings, and attitudes go into that click. And because you have made this picture, you will see and make the next one differently. When I’m out with a camera, I try to […]
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