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Video Poems

From the Video Visions series.

These short video text explorations were part of the thesis I submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Art in the Graduate College of The University of Iowa, December 1989. My thesis supervisor was Prof. Hans Breder.

My interest in this series is how the writing process is influenced by the writing tools. I believe I write quite different words when I’m in a video editing studio using a character generator which allows words to crawl, roll and flash on the screen, than I do if I write with a pencil or computer. In this instance, I wholeheartedly agree with Marshall McLuhan, the philosopher of the electronic age, when he theorized: The medium is the message.

Liquid Days, Sanguine Nights

1. Life goes by so swiftly
2. Hid as I left
3. Liquid Days, Sanguine Nights
4. Black/White
5. Searching the vast darkness beyond the blue horizon
6. Right and Wrong
7. Art Ideas
8. Diminishing Returns
9. Suspenseful, Revengeful, etc.
10. Sometimes

Gray Clouds in Magenta Skies

1. Look before you leap
2. Some things just flow naturally
3. Making things difficult
4. Sometimes it’s better to ask
5. I wish I knew
6. Gray Clouds in Magenta Skies
7. Is this any way to follow the leader?
8. Just say No
9. Streams of consciousness raising
10. Pain and suffering

Searching the Vast Darkness

1. Video art, art video
2. I wish I knew
3. Stereotypes
4. Sometimes it’s better to ask
5. Searching the vast darkness
6. Pain and suffering
7. Left Right
8. Up Down
9. Heavy Metal
10. Ideas
11: Making things difficult
12: Who are my friends?
13. Diminishing returns
14: Suspenseful, revengeful
15: Sometimes
16: Colors

  • Client
    University of Iowa M.A. Art Thesis
  • Date
    May 10, 1985