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beautiful lady looking downward. Her face and shoulders are showing on a piece of paper that is drooping at the top and furled upward at the bottom. The entire portrait is rimmed in shadow.

I’ve recently begun painting some of my early photo paintings. In the two videos below I am showing some of the stages that these paintings went through before completion. The last image shows the photograph that the paintings mimics.

In my photo painting series, I use digital editing tools to blend and then paint on pictures that I made from my life as a photographer. The process includes combining multiple images and manipulating them using a variety of image editing and painting apps. By altering, layering, juxtaposing, and painting past photographs, I am freeing photography of its traditional role of only presenting “reality.” By creating a fictional world that looks real, I am raising questions about life and the human condition. My goal is to change the way people look at photographs, as well as the way they see the world.