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During last Sunday’s service, our pastor used a line that I couldn’t get out of my head:”If there ever was a day for change.”

He wasn’t directly speaking about the wave of police shootings and mass murders we’ve been experiencing in the U.S. lately (Orlando, Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, Dallas, etc.) , but that’s the connection I made. And all during the sermon I jotted down the traits and values that we all need to cure the condition I can best describe as “America’s heart problem.”

That evening I and my wife, Shelia, started to put some of those words into this video. Several days and six versions later, we came up with this little video. It poses these questions: What needs to change? How must we change? How must you change?

I believe that actions and attitudes are intimately intertwined. We can all toss pebbles into the ocean that can together produce a fresh wave.

My first change is stop being so quick to judge others.